I am appalled by the Millennials who pretend to be climate-conscious and then go get married, have kids, buy cars, travel the world and then make placards about “SAVE THE PLANET”.

Are you wondering what SEX has to do with climate change,

Now look at India for example, we totally depend on the dirtiest fuel “COAL” to meet the energy demands of our huge demographic dividend of humans in the age of 20-35.

Imagine if this big demographic dividend started consuming 1/4 of their current energy consumption?

You must be really dumb. In that case, let me explain further.

We consume energy to show our status. For example cars, air-conditioners, and big houses are all symbols of status.

What is the relationship between status and energy consumption?

ok, here you are way beyond dumb if you are reading beyond this point.

Status is what attracts females to males. The higher up you are on the status hierarchy the “fairer” is your bride. Look at all the rich men and how fair their wives are.

So if men just become Sanyasi, and get out of this marriage and sex games. We will stop showing status by consuming things which we really don’t need. Instead of cars, we will use public transport, instead of AC, we will just use a fan etc, etc.

Got it dumbo? OK, now if you are single ZEN Z. Take an oath that you will become a Sanyasi and save the planet.