I am deeply interested in philosophy, as philosophy is the most fundamental block of how we operate as a society. The place of philosophers I think is much higher than the scientist. Scientists build things, but Philosophers help make sense of things.

What good are the fanciest cars or planes if you are going crazy? This is where philosophers come to the rescue.

You might have seen or heard the crazy woke riots in Portland, NY and San Francisco on TV? These were riots for racial equality and have been observed by some intellectuals as a by-product of “post-modernism”.

So what is Post-Modernism?

The name itself suggests. Post means after. After Modernism. So the earlier era was called the Modern Era of Enlightenment. The era before that was the era of Faith.

A note on the Modern Era

The modern era of Enlightenment started around the 1620s and we had the scientific and the industrial revolution. It was an era of reason. From the excellent map, you can see the offshoots of reason. Now you can see the operating system of the old world with the below image. This operating system has given us Science, Capitalism, Freedom, Material goods, Healthcare etc. All which we cherish.

Why do we need a new operating system?

Some people believe, Modernism has been bad for society. They think Capitalism is evil. It has made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Power has been wielded by a small group of white males. Other minorities and racial groups have been persecuted and subjugated for centuries. So a new batch of Philosophers started also called as “First Gen Post-Modernist’ starting with Foucault, Derrida declared that there has been great harm done by ‘reason”. They claim that there is no OBJECTIVE TRUTH. Everything is subjective. They claim the END justifies the means. The END is equality. The means is to grab power with power.

I don’t want to make this blog post long. But I have serious doubts about whether this new operating system can deliver equality and justice.

In case you have views on post-modernism drop in a line.


image-Alexis Duclos/AP/REX/Shutterstock.com