We all were young and had parents or still have them around, but the law of nature is that the old must go to be replaced by the new. Sometimes death comes all of a sudden, and sometimes the old keep wishing they would die instead of going through the humiliation of being dependent or trouble to the young. But Yamraj Ji is an erratic guy; he comes and takes people away on his whims and fancy, notwithstanding the thousands of children praying for their parents to be dead.

In my tabla class, one classmate tells us the story where the daughter wishes her father, who has the double whammy of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer to die. But the cheeky old man won’t die; instead, he needs to be locked inside so he doesn’t get lost and found.

Those parents with some wealth to pass on to their children will be well-taken care of in lieu of the fact that they could be disinherited. But others who are not in such a position have a hard life ahead. What do these old parents who have spent their wealth on their children do? Is it wise to invest in your children at the cost of emptying your bank balance?

What about those who never have children or are divorced and separated? Who is going to take care of them?

Well, life is complex! No one knows what happens to anyone. One of my unmarried Uncles was nursed till his last moments by his neighbours. But those were the 1980”s when neighbours were almost like a second family. I had three single boys and girl’s as my neighbours in the last six years.

There is hope, and the name is Shantanu’s Naidu.

If you have been living under the rock and have no clue who Shantanu Naidu is. He is the 28-year-old protege and companion of 84-year-old Ratan Tata. He has started a startup called “Goodfellows”, where anyone older than 60 can avail a companion. For a subscription, a senior citizen can avail of a paid grandchild. The subscription will cost you upwards of Rs 1000’s and is customised as per personal needs.

For those old people who cannot afford subscriptions start being nice to your children for a start! 🙃

Check the video below to learn more about this unique startup.

So children can now live a guilt-free life thanks to Shantanu.

Many children roaming around the world and screwing white people now know they don’t need to return to India to attend to their rapidly ageing parents. Now all they need to do is give a call to Shantanu and live a guilt-free life in a developed country with no potholes.

Disclaimer - No old parents were harmed while writing this content.