Now you are a young man! You will be more than eager to start a relationship with a beautiful woman. Falling in love with a woman is the most beautiful and probably the most terrifying thing in your life.

The more afraid you are of falling in love, the more in love you will be. This woman will either make you or break you. After your [[mother]] , she will be the most important woman you will ever meet. She will define your adulthood.

That’s why it’s necessary to take Red Pill.

What is a Red Pill you may ask?

Everyone talks about Red Pill, but it’s one of those esoteric concepts that you have to realise yourself instead of learning from someone else. Even Elon Musk said he took the red pill.

Let me explain what a red pill is, but let us leave you enough room to explore it for yourself.

There is an image of a woman that is propagated by advertising, the music industry, and the movie industry. This is how a woman is perceived by society.

But these media people want to sell you products and not tell you the truth! Red Pill is the contrary view of women to mainstream culture.

Why am I telling you about Red Pill?

I have had failed relationships. My father thought he could solve any problem with money, but I do not have that money, so I’d rather learn the hard way. I think understanding the opposite sex is worth the effort than throwing money around.

I hope you take this red pill and get into a relationship where you are aware of the true nature of a woman.


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